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Relive this epic world record attempt at the Olympic Velodrome, powered by Google AI

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One hundred miles.
One famous track.
One record to break.

With only hours of his indoor cycling career remaining, amateur cyclist James MacDonald aimed to become the fastest man over 100 miles. This effort serves as a testament to James' mental and physical endurance. Watch all the drama unfold in our official film, shot at the iconic Lee Valley VeloPark in London.


However you look at it, Gen AI is fast becoming a catalyst for change. 

But new, untold possibilities can be overwhelming and lead to a loss of focus. As the world moves forward with new possibilities fuelled by Gen AI, explainability will play a crucial role in how it's actually used. And not just safely - but effectively, repeatedly, and at scale, so that businesses can unlock their true potential.

That’s why, together with Google Cloud, Appsbroker & CTS are helping to power the Gen AI rocketship by giving businesses the knowledge and confidence to explore their potential - and make things happen.

The Challenge 100 world record was fuelled by Google solutions that are used by thousands of businesses worldwide. All it takes is the expertise and passion to make the extraordinary possible.

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About DKMS

Our official partner for this event was DKMS, an international charity dedicated to the fight against blood cancer and blood disorders.

It has helped to give over 2,000 people a second chance at life - but only 3% of the UK’s population are registered as potential donors.

Join over 11 million potential blood stem cell donors by completing a quick and simple swab test - and find out if you could be the perfect match for someone in need.

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Our Data, AI & ML Case Studies

Check out our latest Data, AI and ML work, and find out how we achieved data-driven excellence for Google Cloud customers.

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See how this risk intelligence platform improved business insight with BigQuery and Looker.

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Explore how this ministerial department used Google Cloud to unlock hidden data insights in the public sector.

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Find out how early hazard detection transformed risk management opportunities for the industry with Google AI.

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Building a unified data and analytics platform for this British sportswear group.

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This e-commerce and analytics brand rolled out ML models using Google Cloud to optimise billing.

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Discover how this major water supply company used Google Cloud ML to gain real-time insights.

Are You Ready for the New AI-enabled Age?

Read the Appsbroker & CTS Gen AI Pulse Check to see what over 100 business leaders are thinking.

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We are the largest Google Cloud-only digital consultancy in Europe. With offices in the UK, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Romania, we’re home to some of the industry’s foremost cloud experts, with over 300 employees, 420+ Google certifications and numerous industry awards, including Partner of the Year 2023 for DEI.

Together, we’ve become an award-winning powerhouse for strategic consulting and best-in-class engineering, uniting expertise in AI, security, martech, data, and Workspace to provide one Google experience for clients. 

As a values-driven, certified B Corporation, we all place a strong emphasis on delivering positive, sustainable impacts both for its clients and the wider world around them.

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