If you missed any of our webinar series on Gaming Analytics, you can still use the form below to watch the recorded webinars.

In this webinar series, we explore how unifying different data sources and access methods into a single source of truth can generate deep understanding and better, actionable insights into player behaviour and revenue opportunities. We also cover the evolution to fully next-generation analytics, incorporating innovative technologies such as machine learning to drive improved behaviour modelling and forecasting that give gaming companies a vital edge, ultimately optimising player experience, retention rate and revenue streams.

Unify and Conquer - 21st May, 2pm

Learn from Looker, Google Cloud and Appsbroker on how unified platforms can be deployed within the gaming industry, and how to deploy an end-to-end solution to join up your data sources and reap the rewards.

Customer Use Case - 28th May, 2pm

Join Looker as they present a real-world customer case study of a well-known gaming brand and how they use next-generation analytics to improve monetisation, player experience, and revenue.

Rise of the Machines - 4th June, 2pm

Join Henry Brown, Appsbroker's Head of Machine Learning and Data Analytics, and Nico Gaviola, Head of Gaming at Google Cloud, to learn about how machine learning completes the next-generation data analytics platform, with unprecedented behaviour modelling and forecasting.