Actionable insights from supply and production to delivery and service.

Optimise in real time

"Even a short disruption of 30 days or fewer can put 3 to 5 percent of EBITDA margin at stake" (pwc, 2020)

Manufacturers need to work accurately, at speed, and with their suppliers to minimise margins for error in a world changed by COVID-19. 

Success now hinges on the speed at which manufacturers can both understand their own business - from production line performance to operational output - and be able to react to dynamic external conditions, such as customer, supplier and competitor behaviour.

Critical Path Optimisation
Track goods, identify the bottlenecks and delays, find solutions and communicate across the chain to keep suppliers and customers up to date 
Proactive Asset Maintenance
Stream continual output data alongside current demand and opportunity cost of downtime to plan the best time for fixes
Action on IoT Estate Data
Bring the speed and scale of Google Cloud to your IoT connected devices and machinery to find every opportunity for efficiency.


With insightNOW, Appsbroker streams data from across a variety of sources into Google Cloud, crunch and analyse the numbers with Google Cloud BigQuery and visualise into bespoke dashboards to aid the use of data across all operations. Providing this critical insight in real-time rather than hours or days later, Manufacturers can make change before impact is felt.  

Following the lean period of lockdown, manufacturers are playing catch up. Can you afford anything other than the tightest of error margins?

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Through the enforced lockdown, manufacturers have returned to work with restrict resource and pressure to make up for a lean period. Optimising performance at every node of the supply-chain to reduce cost, improve processes and delight the customer will be critical to fulfilling this demand.
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