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Assured Future

Our ethos: optimal and predictable cloud spend, without hindering flexibility and innovation.

Whether you need to consolidate and monitor your Google Cloud spend, improve your forecasting capabilities or drive innovation in your business, we'll help you get there with Cloud Assure and our Professional Services offerings. Everything we do is based on Google Cloud and FinOps best practices.

Meet Your Track Leader


Ignotas Turskis (Iggy)


Iggy is an experienced product owner with over 9 years of experience on Google Cloud. He has a passion for FinOps and spearheads our exclusive Cloud Assure service, helping businesses to cost-optimise and unlock innovation on Google Cloud.


What to Expect


Regular Insights

Our specialist team will deliver actionable insights that will help you understand your Google Cloud spend better and overcome your biggest growth challenges using the latest features on Google Cloud.

Industry Updates

We'll keep you in-the-know with all of the latest updates that are affecting your industry, the latest information from Google Cloud, and more.

Videos & Podcasts

Learn from us and hear conversations between our experts where we'll be discussing your questions, providing tips and showcasing demos and new features of Google Cloud services and tools.

Exclusive Think Tanks

Once a month, we'll help you put what you've learned into practice. Join our hands-on think tanks and get free GCP vouchers start your next level of growth.


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