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  • Fill out the form to request your complimentary assessment
  • Our infrastructure team will reach out to schedule your assessment
  • Deploy simple tools to enable a remote inventory of your infrastructure and database
  • Get a customised report within 1 week to review with our team and plan your migration.



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Begin your seamless journey to cloud cost efficiency.


Shed light on your organisation’s current technology landscape and establish the cost of migrating to the Cloud with our complimentary cost assessment.

At Appsbroker, we can provide:

  • A detailed overview of your virtual and physical server assets and technology estate
  • A bespoke report outlining how much it will cost you to run your workloads in Google Cloud
  • A comprehensive end-to-end migration plan at no additional cost
  • Our advice on creating and executing your cloud migration plan successfully


The process is simple:

Fill out the form to request a bespoke report
A member of our expert team will be in touch to schedule your cost assessment
Deploy simple tools so we can take stock of your infrastructure and databases remotely
Receive your bespoke report in just one week - generated using Stratozone, MigVisor, Cloud Physics and more
Review your report with a member of our team and start planning your migration!

Why Appsbroker?

We have the end-to-end capability to carry out everything from infrastructure modernisation through to cloud native transformations.

With GCP Specialisations in Infrastructure, Data Analytics and Application Development, we can help you solve additional business challenges along the way — instead of 'lift and shift' the same problems.

We approach migrations from a unique perspective, complemented by the skills required to tackle business challenges with cloud thinking.




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