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Appsbroker transforms the way the world's largest organisations think about and use data. While our retail customers take advantage of real-time data insights to boost year-on-year revenues by 40%, manufacturing clients are using holistic reporting to generate 50% more value from their existing cloud commitments.

Recognised by Google Cloud as a Specialist in Data Analytics, our team of experts has over a decade of experience in understanding your technological and cultural challenges, migrating your data across to Google Cloud Platform and then unlocking the insights you need to innovate at pace and leap ahead of the competition.




Transforming how you acquire, store, and use your data 

Data technology is moving faster than ever historically, and unlike the Hadoop and Big Data wave in the last 15 years, this time it’s demonstrably ready.

Organsations can host up to Exabyte scale volumes of data without ever having to worry about a hard drive, the machines the data is stored on, or the other infrastructure limits that might be imposed. Real time data and event driven architectures are not just a thing for the start ups; they could actually be cheaper than your legacy batch systems.

Does your organisation need a data transformation?






It's a NOW thing.

Machine Learning and AI is driving the current wave of digital transformation - some organisations are used to serving billions of predictions a day to users to optimise every small amount of revenue they can. Other organisations are struggling to prove the value of Machine Learning and get it live.

Where is your organisation?





The Analytics Revolution - Blog Series

Join our team of data experts, led by Henry Brown, as they take you through various aspects of data analytics and machine learning, and how new ways of thinking as well as technologies such as Google Cloud Platform can give your organisation a vital edge.


Data, Analytics & Machine Learning Case Studies

Appsbroker provide leading UK retailer instant data insights to increase direct sales

This leading British technology company established in the United Kingdom designs and manufactures household appliances. 

The customer looked to Appsbroker for a solution that could converge different data sources into a centralised platform in a timely manner, provide quality assurance, and serve this information back out, measured against KPIs, in dashboards used by the business.

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Appsbroker Delivers a Risk Reporting Platform to sixth largest bank in the world

This customer is a British multinational investment bank and financial services holding company. 

The lack of dedicated development and UAT environments led to resource contention and hampered the agility of development and deployment of fixes and new requirements.


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How Appsbroker helped one of the UK’s top four grocery chains utilise their customer data

This customer is a brand of British supermarkets, selling groceries as part of Britain's largest employee-owned retailer.

Although this high street grocer had volumes of customer data, they had no way of consolidating and cross-matching that data to give them a single customer view in order to replicate the same exceptional personalised service in store, online and vice versa.

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Case Study

How City Plumbing supercharged it's reporting with BigQuery

With 9 successful businesses in the division, City Plumbing has grown to over 4,500 colleagues across more than 370 branches and sites around the UK and Ireland.As the Google Professional Services partner of choice, Appsbroker worked closely with City Plumbing to build, test and implement a framework that allowed the data analysts, financial departments, marketing and supply teams to carry on using their beloved BusinessObjects reporting tool, but now powered by the high performance of Google BigQuery - with remarkable results.


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