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The media industry is in the throes of adapting to the “new normal”. With the global COVID-19 pandemic forcing businesses to move to a remote working model, the way entertainment is produced and consumed has also shifted. Studios need not only to implement seamless remote operations, but face trends that have only been made more challenging by the new world.

Virtual Studio is an end-to-end solution that lets you increase productivity while working remotely, without losing out on the highest levels of security and performance.



Schedule, animate and render content across market-leading VFX platforms from home via a virtual workstation



Work without fears of content leakage thanks to the security of Google Cloud Platform and Teradici data encryption. 



Experience accelerated performance with up to 40% faster rendering speeds against on-premise solutions.

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Virtual Studio Presentation #1 - Geoff & Niamh

During April 2020, Appsbroker - in partnership with Google Cloud, Qumulo and Teradici - delivered a series of webinars covering off the various aspects of Virtual Studio - Performance, Collaboration and Security.

You can now view all the recordings by clicking through:

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Use industry leading software remotely within the cloud


Virtual Studio from Appsbroker connects content creators with their preferred VFX and rendering software via the cloud, enabling continued production from the comfort of home. Using Teradici thin client and Intel VMs on Google Cloud Platform, Virtual Studio surpasses the performance of office-based solutions from a remote workstation, providing the production speeds you need. 

Enhanced rendering power on-demand

Virtual Studio is a fully cloud based solution, meaning your compute power is available to scale up as and when you need; particularly beneficial at peak production times when up to millions of cores require processing in a short space of times. 

No more expensive on-premise supercomputers-burst into the cloud and render what you want, when you need it. 

A solution for today and tomorrow

The situation the world finds itself in makes the remote capabilities of Virtual Studio instantly valuable to animation and visual effects studios. However, the cost-effective, scalable performance of Virtual Studio is set to tackle industry challenges around demand, speed and recruitment moving forward. 

Virtual Studio supports industry leading software including: 

  • VFX - Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Cinema4D
  • Scheduling - OpenCue, Deadline, Slurm
  • Rendering - Arnold, Renderman

Virtual Studio works with industry leading software 

  • VFX - Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Cinema4D
  • Scheduling - OpenCue, Deadline, Slurm
  • Rendering - Arnold, Renderman
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Appsbroker, through its partnership with Google Cloud and Intel, is helping the industry render content up to 40% faster from a safe, secure workstation. We've got teams of animators live and working in a week. Let's do the same for you. 

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How it works

The Virtual Studio from Appsbroker is a by-product of our ECCoE (Extreme Cloud Centre of Excellence) initiative with Google Cloud and Intel. Combining the compute power of Intel processing, scalability of Google Cloud and service capability of Appsbroker, we help leading studios change they way they product animation and visual effects. Partnering with Teradici, the industry standard for workstation visualisation and Qumulo file storage, Virtual Studio future-proofs production capabilities amongst a continually changing industry landscape. 

With the apparent need to quickly migrate to remote workstations, Appsbroker is ready to help studios more to Virtual Studio and get their teams working within the space of a week. If you are interested in hearing more about virtual studio, get in contact with a member of the team via the details below. 

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Technical Director


James Walker
Account Manager


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